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Burn Notification

The following must be considered before burning:

  1. We ask that you provide the Dane Fire Department with a courtesy notification of your burn by using the below burn notification.

  2. You are allowed to burn natural materials only (yard waste, brush, logs, and stumps) in accordance with WI DNR regulations.

  3. It is your responsibility to abide by all local burning ordnances applicable for the location of your burn

  4. The burn must be attended at all times.

  5. Accelerants such as gasoline should not be used to assist with ignition.

  6. You are responsible for all damage that may occur should the fire become out of control and cause property damage or personal injury.

  7. Burning is recommended only during periods of minimal wind (<10 mph) as indicated by one of the following sources.

  8. Ensure the area is safe and clear of combustible material before ignition.

Have some means of fire control or suppression nearby (hose, water bucket, etc...).

Burn Notification Form

Thank you for submitting a burn notification.

Tel: 608-849-4211

102 W Main St

Dane, WI 53529

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