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Past Chief's

Throughout the  Dane Fire Department's history they were very active in water wars. This photo was taken at Bert Deans Park, 

June of 1954, during the departments annual fundraiser.

Past Presidents

Pictured left to right: Lester Birwersi, Assistant Chief Joe Dohm, Bernard Plendl, Harold Lawver, Ervin Hilgendorf, Chief C.A. Wipperfurth and

Percy Raemisch.

This photo was featured in a newspaper article from November 4, 1953.

The Dane Fire Department was first authorized on Oct. 7, 1901 at a Dane Village Board of Trustees meeting. A motion was made by Joseph (Last Name Unknown) and seconded by J.A. Koltis to appoint J.C. Neill as Fire Chief and (First Name Unknown) Dickert as Engineer to organize a Fire Company.

We are in the process of reviewing DNFD records for more accurate information. 

If you have any historical information pertaining to the Dane Fire Department, please email it to, 

Past Fire Chiefs include:

  • J.C. Neill 1901-?

  • Harold Dohm - 1941-1942

  • Joseph Miller - 1943

  • Ed Stubbe - 1944 (Resigned in June)

  • Harold Dohm - 1944

  • Ed Schmidtke - 1945-1946 (Resigned in April 1946)

  • Harold Dohm - 1946-1949

  • Clarence Schwartz - 1950-1951

  • Percy Raemisch - 1951 (Resigned in June)

  • Clarence A. Wipperfurth - 1951-1961

  • Delmore Marks - 1962-1963

  • David Koenig Sr. - 1964-1965

  • Harley Marks - 1966 (resigned in May)

  • David Koenig Sr. - 1967-1971

  • Leo Heimbecker - 1972-1973

  • David Koenig Sr. - 1974-1980

  • Ronald Statz - 1981-1984

  • Doug Clemens Sr. - 1985-2000

  • Doug Statz - 2000-2016

  • Denman Breunig - 2017-Present

Past Presidents Include:

  • Vincent Niesen - 1962-1963

  • Jack Raemisch - 1964-1966

  • Bob Hamilton - 1967-1968

  • John Koch - 1969-1970

  • Tom Heff - 1971-1972

  • Jack Raemisch - 1973-1990

  • David Koenig Jr. - 1991-1998

  • Bob Aeschbach - 1998-2001

  • Mike Robertson - 2002-2013

  • Chad Bevars - 2014-2018

  • Jamie Postler - 2019-Present

*Prior to 1962 there were no administrative positions and meetings were ran by the Chief of the fire department.

1950 Member Photo

Photo circa late 1950s.

Firemen are pictured outside of their station located at the intersection of Main and N Military, current location of the Veterans Memorial.

This building, better seen below had two front bays where the engines were kept and a back/side door that faced North where a Tanker and Brush Truck responded through. Dane had other tankers which were actually stored in farmers sheds until the current station was built in 1978.


The Original fire station was a stable house that is currently used by the Dane VFW. This building sits on N Military. This was a stable house for the horse drawn apparatus and later the 1934 Chevrolet.

Back Row Left to Right: Melvin Marks, Harold Dohm, Orval Votes, Joe Dohm, Ervin Meyer, Bob Kelley, Harold Lawver, Chief Clarence Wipperfurth.

Front Row Left to Right: Vince Niesen, Orval Bowman, Ervin Hilgendorf, Fritz Bowman, Joe Roth and Percy Raemisch.

Arm Patch.png
1975 Member Photo

Photo circa 1975.


Left to right: Dave Koenig Sr., Bob Schmidt (sitting in truck), Bob Hamilton, Dave Statz, Dick Gaulker, Joe Clemens, Jack Raemisch, Tom Neaf, Rick Wind, Ed Lord, Linus Kuehn, and Dave Koenig Jr.

Seated on Truck: James Kalscheur, John Lamb, Vern Danzer,  Ron Statz and Dennis Gobeli.

Arm Patch.png
1990 Member Photo

Photo circa early 1990s

Front Row: Tom Pollock, Pete Kurt, Dave Koenig Jr, Chief Doug Clemens Sr, Bob Aeschbach and Roger Schmidt

Standing: Pete Schmitt, Gary Schwartz, Jeff Chambers, Ron Schwenn, Jim Lord, Duane Statz, Tim Ripp, Leon Wipperfurth, Wayne Aeschbach, Gary Orcholski, Denman Breunig, Dennis Gobeli or Virgil Maier, Rich Bannen and Doug Statz.

1990s Group Photo.png
1995 Member Photo
2019 Member Photo
Arm Patch.png

Photo circa 1995

Front: Tim Ripp, John Belise, Joe Kubale, Pete Statz, Gary Orcholski, Dave Koenig Jr. and Bob Aeschbach.

Second: Gary Schwartz, Jeff Chambers, Roger Schmidt, Dennis Gobeli, Doug Statz, Jerry Maerz, Doug Clemens Sr. and Ron Schwenn.

Back: Jim Schwartz, Pete Kubale, Tom Pollock, Leon Wipperfurth, Todd Endres, Jim Lord, Denman Breunig, Albert Ripp and Al Karls.

Arm Patch.png

2019 - photo by Audrey Parpart

Left to Right: Capt. Chad Bevars, Doug Clemens Jr., Ron Schwenn, Deputy Chief Zach Koenig, Grant Robertson, President Jamie Postler, Tyler Novinski, Assistant Chief Todd Endres, Chief Denman Breunig, Lt. Josh Haag, Capt. Mike Robertson, Lt. Jacob Lehr, Tim Ripp and Secretary/Treasurer Ron Mueller

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