The Dane Fire Department consists of 23 members including Operational Officers: Chief, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, two Captains and three Lieutenants. We also have Administrative Officers consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.
Operational Officers
Denman Breunig

Chief 2017-Present

Joined: 1991

Zach Koenig

Deputy Chief

Joined: 2002

Todd Endres

Assistant Chief

Joined: 1992

Mike Robertson
Ryan Ripp
Jacob Lehr
Josh Haag
Chad Bevars

Captain F4

Joined: 1996

Captain F5

Joined: 2010

Lieutenant F6

Joined: 2007

Administrative Officers

Lieutenant F7

Joined: 2012

Lieutenant F8

Joined: 2014

Jamie Postler


Joined: 2008

Brad Poffinbarger

Vice President

Joined: 2016

Ron Mueller

Secretary & Treasurer

Joined: 2017

Full Roster

Honorary Members

To be an honorary member, the person must be in good standing, and have served as an active Firefighter for 10 years.

* = members still serving

Irwin Meyer

Bill Thompson

Harold Lawver

Dave Statz

Mike Kuehn

Melvin Marks

Bert Deans

C.A. Wipperfurth

Leo Clemens

Ray Soehle

Bernard Plendl

Joe Jacobson

Robert Jacobson

Ed Lord

Roger Schmidt

Joe Dohm

Doug Clemens Sr

Roy Schmidt

Lawrence Schmitt

Dennis Gobeli

Harold Dohm

Lester Biwersi

Erwin Hilgendorf

Jim Kalscheur

George Skrum Jr

Jack Raemisch

Fritz Bauman

Delmore Marks

Gene Deans

Dave Koenig Jr

Bob Schmidt

Joe Roth

Joe Clemens

Gary Orcholski

Rick Steimel

Dave Koenig Sr

Percy Raemisch

Linus Kuehn

Jim Lord

Joe Miller

Herman Hanson

Vince Niesen Sr

Leo Heimbecker

John Lamb

Harley Marks

John Wolf

Orville Bauman

Bob Hamilton

Ron Statz

Vern Denzer

Richard Bannon

Ron Miller

Roger Quam

Dave Reible

Doug Statz*

Virgil Maier

Leon Wipperfurth

Tom Pollock

Tim Ripp*

Bob Aeschbach

DuWayne (Pete) Kurt

Mike Goeden

Don Lord

Gary Schwartz

Wayne Aeschbach

Dan Koenig

Tony Miller

Jim Schwartz

Ron Schwenn*

Denman Breunig*

John Wedan

Mike Schuetz

Todd Endres*

Jerry Maerz

Troy Ripp

Glenn Falkner

Albert Ripp

Joe Kubale

Pete Kubale

Bruce Droster

Mike Robertson*

Doug Clemens Jr*

Courtney Robertson

Zach Koenig*

Ashley Richardson

Dean Ripp

Ryan Ripp*

Jamie Postler*

Past Chief's

  • J.C. Neill 1901-?

  • Others are being researched

  • Harold Dohm 1942-?

  • Clarence A. Wipperfurth

  • David Koenig Sr.

  • Ronald Statz 1980-1982

  • Doug Clemens Sr. 1982-2000

  • Doug Statz 2000-2016

  • Denman Breunig 2017-Present

Firefighter of the Year

Firefighters are nominated and voted for by their peers.

Doug Clemens Jr - 2009

Mike Robertson - 2012

Denman Breunig - 2015

Jacob Lehr - 2018

Todd Endres - 2010

Chad Bevars - 2013

Ryan Ripp - 2016

Josh Haag - 2019

Sara Grade - 2011

Zach Koenig - 2014

Jamie Postler - 2017

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